May 19, 2010

Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun and see the world backwards with Mr. Jam
Mr. Jam (real name Nury Vittachi) made this video with his 14 yr old daughter
They filmed him walking backwards,
then the film was played "the wrong way round"
A simple way to come up with an entertaining video.
Mr. Jam is a children's book writer,
song writer/singer (he sang the song in this video)
and author of the blog "The curious diary of Mr. Jam"

與 Mr. Jam一起跟隨太陽並且倒著看世界
這個影片是Mr. Jam (真正名字 Nury Vittachi)和他的14歲女兒拍攝的
Mr. Jam 是位兒童小說家,
作曲家/歌手 (影片中的歌是由他唱的)
他的網誌是"The curious diary of Mr. Jam"

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