June 5, 2010

Summer music part 2: She & Him "Ridin' in my car"

It is not often that I find pictures and music that match each other so well.
When I heard She & Him's version of "Ridin' in my car"
The photos that I took at Santa Monica Pier a while back immediatly came to mind.
She & Him's music has a folksy + sixties pop feel
Although there are no beach references in this song,
it just makes me think of the beach,
digging my toes in the warm sand
breathing in the salty sea air,
or maybe jumping into the waves as the sun sets overhead.
What are some of your favorite songs that make you think of the beach?

當我聽到 She & Him 版本的 "Ridin' in my car"
我的腦海裡馬上出前陣子在Santa Monica Pier拍攝的照片
She & Him 的音樂有種民俗,1960年代pop感覺,

{Summer music series}
Summer music part 1: Chicago Poodle ナツメロ

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