May 25, 2010

~San Diego~Sushi Hana

Sushi Hana is a Japanese restaurant in San Diego.
We go there every now and then.
It's a little place that's suitable for families
or small gatherings (about 6-7 people max)

The prices are quite reasonable,
and they offer a wide range of sushi rolls at 50% off.
We like to order different rolls to try them out,
I think "spider" or "crunchy" is the best we've had so far.
Sushi Hana 是個位於聖地牙哥的日本餐廳.

Hours: call for details
Address:9869 Carmel Mountain Rd. San Diego, CA 92129.
Parking: parking lot (free)
Phone: 858.484.5300

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