May 3, 2010

~LA~Literati Cafe

Literati Cafe is a little cafe that is just down the road
from where I lived in LA last year.
My friends and I "discovered" it when we were looking for a good place to just sit and chat.
It was quite late when we went, but the place was packed.
The people there were mostly students
studying, grabbing a bite to eat or just hanging out with their friends.
Literati Cafe 離我去年住在LA的地方不遠

The atmosphere of Literati Cafe was really relaxed and friendly.
On the walls were old photos, even  a "picture" that looked like
real books were embedded in the wall
Literati Cafe裡面的氣氛很輕鬆和友善,

We weren't really hungry but Betty ordered a red velvet cupcake.
To the best of my memory it looked pretty
and will satisfy those with a very sweet tooth.
我們沒有很餓不過Betty點了個red velvet cupcake,

Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm.
            Saturday-Sunday 8am - 11pm.
Address:12081 Wilshire Blvd.  Brentwood, CA.
Parking: available in rear
Phone: 310.231.7484

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  1. Hey, it's not fair. You didn't show me this cafe when i visited you.


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