May 14, 2010

Link love 連結分享

Oh my, it's already Friday? Have a good weekend everyone!
Oh 怎麼已經是星期五了? 祝大家週末愉快!

Mutterland Cafe in Germany
德國的 Mutterland Cafe

Mamie Gâteaux tearoom in Paris
在巴黎的 Mamie Gateaux 下午茶館

How to store and organize cats

One table two looks: Modern + Vintage
一個桌子兩個風格: 現代 + 復古

Spectacular views while flying over Latin America

Cherry blossom doughnuts bring a taste of spring

Daydream in golden fields

This little pup looks so cute with glasses

Love the packaging for Brown
喜歡 Brown 的包裝概念

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