April 26, 2010

Blog tabs is up!

May I draw your attention to the lovely set of tabs
at the top of the page, just underneath the blog banner?
When I started this new blog I had some ideas for it
And one of them was to put tabs on the top of the page
So that it will be easier for my visitors to navigate my site.
However, this was easier said than done
for someone who knows zero about web coding,
After a lot of trial and error,
And some serious help from Addison my computer expert,
We finally managed to put the tabs up there! Whoo~

Let me encourage you to click around
and explore the contents of those tabs.
You might even find your blog listed there!


其中之一就是我想放 tabs 在網頁的上方,
在和我的電腦專家 Addison研究許久後,

我鼓勵你去那些 tabs點點看

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