May 7, 2010

J'adore: Sweet Paul magazine

What I love most about the blogging world
is the endless opportunity to discover new inspiration.
Sweet Paul magazine is a gem that I found via The Sweetest Occasion
This free online magazine is the brainchild
of the very talented Paul Lowe and his team.
The first issue just came out yesterday (May 6)
and I'm already eager for the next issue to come out!
Sweet Paul magazine is packed full of delicious recipes,
fun and creative DIY ideas, party tips,
plus pages and pages of gorgeously styled photography.
(I had a hard time just choosing 3 pages to show you guys)
Another bonus is that all of this goodness is just a click away,
free for you to read, download, clip, and share with your friends.
See for yourself here.

我透過The Sweetest Occasion發現Sweet Paul magazine
這本免費的線上雜誌是由才華洋溢的Paul Lowe和他的團隊編制.
Sweet Paul magazine裡面塞滿了令人垂涎的食譜,

p.s. I've also added the link for Sweet Paul in the "other links tabs
我也把Sweet Paul的連結加在"other links tabs"

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