April 27, 2010

Feeling Crafy 手工創意

I'm more of a photography and illustration kind of girl, 
but I have friends who are super creative
and really clever with their hands
(like Sophie who makes wedding dresses
and Betty who bakes yummy cakes)
These are some fun DIY ideas 
I would like to try sometime.
Which ones would you make?

(像會做婚紗的 Sophie和會烤蛋糕的 Betty)

DIY Table Numbers on books from Once Wed

Cute ideas to use Japanese masking tape from Cucumbersome

Paper Vinyl Wallets from Kristy Boucher

DIY Shadow box vintage kitchen display from Ashely Ann Photography

DIY Doily canvas bag from Ashely Ann Photography

DIY Buttons to cover from Lolly Chops

DIY Thumbtack tutorial from How About Orange


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